Financial Health Check



At Insurance in Perth, we’re passionate about You and your families financial protection.

In keeping with that passion, I’ve got a couple of quick questions for you . . .

If you hurt yourself or got sick tomorrow – and you couldn’t go to work or earn
an income…, what would happen to you and your family . . . ?

Is Your super working for You? In other words, are you happy that it’s doing
exactly what you want it to do and is going to provide for your lifestyle….

Should You be putting more away to make certain that you have a comfortable future?

Do You want to pay less tax ? (or are you happy with the amount you are currently paying….)

Do You have the right amount protection set up – for Yourself, Your business, Your family, Your future ?

Have you spent enough time with an experienced and trusted adviser, that really understands Your needs ?

If You are even slightly concerned with any of those questions, you need to act now – BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!

Join us for a complimentary consultation over a cup of coffee and a one on one discussion regarding these issues and strategies. In just 45 minutes we’ll work on what we call the ‘8 Pillars of Financial Health’ and step you through your own personal financial health check.

We listen! We spend time understanding what’s important to YOU. That’s YOU not us! Once we understand YOUR priority advice needs, we’ll show YOU a ‘working together’ proposal detailing exactly what needs doing and how to get it done.

The next step for YOU is simple.

Hit the BOOK MY CONSULTATION button in the SIDEBAR to your right and get this fixed once and for all for YOU.

Just click on the FINANCIAL PROTECTION HEALTH CHECK option and we’ll be in contact to arrange a time to work through this important financial protection health check with you.

If you have not taken advantage of any or some of the opportunities then you need to book a FREE consultation with us NOW! It could be the best financial decision you’ve ever made.

Take care and we look forward to working with you soon.